By vertically integrating the professional services providers that are necessary to take control of the investment curation and development process, we are able to provide clients with the option of targeting specific investments across a spectrum of asset classes, return and risk profiles, jurisdictions, and objectives.


At the root of any investment product, should lie the core objectives and goals of the investor. This is, of course, not what is generally available in the broader securities marketplace whether the investor is an individual or an institution. We work with clients to help them identify their preferences and goals for the capital they are seeking to put to work for them. This involves extensive, experience-based profiling of all stakeholders involved with an investor’s decision-making process whether they are part of the family or the existing network of the investor’s service providers and advisors. Once goals are identified, appropriate options may be presented and considered.


With a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals and preferences for their investment capital, we can set to work assembling a complete assessment of all internal and external investment options available to our clients. Although our relationships with sponsors around the world give us unique levels of access to fully operational investment platforms and options, we do most appreciate the opportunity to construct specific investment solutions for our clients either using our own registered investment advisor or in partnership with one or more third parties, all in service of meeting the client’s specific objectives. We believe in the concept of investment customization, whether the amount of capital at risk is modest or robust, and hold ourselves and third parties accountable relative to forecasted performance and the reporting of that performance.


We are well-equipped to assist our clients not only in assessing prospective investments, including those we structure on their behalf, but also to execute and administer those investments. Our team does not believe in structuring a deal or investment for a client and then divorcing ourselves from the outcome. We want to sit side-by-side with our clients all along the investment cycle and are willing and able to help them modify investments, enforce their rights, and otherwise ensure that rules, regulations, and other norms and standards are honored and adhered to throughout the process. Ultimately, we believe that the success of an investment that we structure or identified specifically for a client is something only the investor can determine for themselves. We trust enough in our capabilities and experience to focus entirely on giving our clients as much information as they request or need, in as transparent a way as possible.