In the context of charitable giving it is important not only for a donor to understand the ways in which a charitable organization permits them to provide support, but also the quantifiable and qualifiable impact that the support makes to the intended beneficiaries, and the realities of who unrelated to the organization stands to benefit from the transfer of donor support to charitable cause. Our team has spent nearly 20 years researching and testing various strategies that were born of our work directly for and at the direction of donors who sought ways to creatively leverage their assets and overall tax position to deliver the most support over the greatest period of time, to the charitable organizations they sought to support.


Our set of solutions includes a proprietary structure that differentiates what we are able to structure from more commonly available impact offerings, such as social impact bonds.  We use structured securities and derivates to create a risk-mitigated bond that does not rely on stakeholders unrelated to the actual social purpose that is being targeted by our sponsors or investors.


As with most of our programs, we seek to leverage financing products that are available to those who have a balance sheet and net worth beyond that which they need to carry out their day-to-day activities or operate their businesses.  Many of our clients have access borrowing capacity.  We are able to use that capacity to create self- defeasing loan structures to secure capital for donations that maximize the benefits of the capital saved using charitable donations and would otherwise be funded by cash-on-hand.


For more than 20 years our Principals have been involved with all forms of social impact investment structures, double-bottom line investments and socially-responsible financial solutions.  This experience led us to develop our own Social Impact Fund of Funds that leverages our experience, along with global access to best-in-class social impact investment funds, to provide investors who seek to marry profit with purpose a diversified and closely-managed solution the performance of which meets the financial and social impact return hurdles that we believe should be expected from all social impact investment opportunities