By assembling a pragmatic, functional, and process-driven value chain of services and service providers, we have both the capacity and capability to serve clients at all points before, during, and after the sourcing and closing of an investment has been fully realized. This allows us to engage only those aspects of our business and network that are needed, and the flexibility to let them work in concert, or function independently, based on our client’s mandate.


FourPark collaborates with clients to design, structure, document, administer, and form Regulation-D compliant investment vehicles and offerings through its law firm and licensed fiduciaries, allowing for a truly whole-life cycle system of management and representation. In addition to helping our clients due diligence all aspects of targeted investments and strategies, we are able to work in concert with issuers and investors alike to ensure that institutional-quality offering documentation for direct investments and pooled investment funds is developed, and that we are able to, as needed, register securities and produce the supporting financial models and forecasting required for any level of legal disclosure that might be required for any such offerings. FourPark engages its network of capital sources on a client’s behalf in order to test the marketability and suitability of a client’s prospective offerings and, in doing so, provides a direct feedback loop to the client allowing for seamless, real-time adjustments to offerings that might require modification in terms, or in structure, if they are to secure the funding they need as efficiently and economically as possible once they formally go to market. Whether deploying debt or equity capital, having a solid framework operated by a nimble team allows for creative thought and real-time redesign to continue throughout any investment processes, something that most clients and investors generally expect, but also generally find is cost-prohibitive or inefficient once multiple firms and voices are speaking about the same subject matter.


FourPark’s integration and licensure allows us to aid investors in the sourcing, screening, structuring, and allocating of capital to the investments that are as consistent with their investment mandates as possible, and that reflect a disciplined process, the net result of which is them having comfort both in their and our selections, as well as the pool of opportunities from which those selections were made. This applies whether we are allocating capital for a fund-of-funds manager or assisting an institutional investor earmark and deploy capital to discrete asset classes or markets. Being able to act as a U.S.-based fiduciary gives U.S.-based and non-U.S. clients the added ability to allocate their capital without exposing their or their clients’ capital or identity to the local markets in which that capital is invested. We serve both as stewards of capital, and as direct managers of that capital where needed or when asked.

Our diversity of skills and capabilities as a firm lets us work confidently at any level of an investment process or structure, or at any point along an investment timeline, allowing clients to focus on sourcing, managing, operating, investing in, and divesting capital at a strategic and a tactical level. We do this while simultaneously ensuring that clients are not ensnared in regulatory compliance matters or other administrative distractions related to auditing, accounting, investor management/relations, cash flow management, investor redemptions, and other tasks that often accompany passive investments. Perhaps most importantly, we can help our clients bridge the gaps that exist between their own capacity and their desire to be an active participant in the outcome of their investments.

However, when clients express a desire not to administer or directly deploy their investment capital, as fiduciaries, we are able to step into their shoes and carry out the ground level, localized work that goes into sourcing and diligencing prospective investments and investment managers, whether micro or bulge bracket in scale. We consider the myriad choices investors might have, and are presented with, while carrying out the duties and burdens that are entrusted to fiduciaries, and strive to add value to an allocators’ investment process by providing unique product and market insights through intensive upfront and ongoing research and due diligence. In carrying out our work, we actively seek to better understand the specific investment preferences and due diligence process of our investors so that their needs are anticipated and they only see investment product that we believe is suitable and worthy of their consideration. We always seek to be the most informed market participant on any investment opportunity we represent, and are closely aligned with investors to source managers that produce compelling risk-adjusted returns and retain capital through stable stewardship.


Although FourPark assists clients on a whole lifecycle basis, all of our service lines and resources are truly brought to bear in the context of developing and managing independent, pooled investment funds, whether directly or through a fund-of-funds. For years we have worked with institutional investors, family offices, ultra-high net wealth individuals, and equity sponsors, to craft, launch, operate, administer, and manage the pooled investment vehicles needed to accomplish a range of investment objectives. This is especially true when investors have clear line of sight on their desired investment allocations, and the share of risk that they are willing to tolerate, and yet lack any visibility on a fund, fund manager, or fund-of-funds that can help them deploy their capital quickly and without taking on a disproportionate share of the risks. Given our work with investors from over 50 countries, we are highly comfortable working within the U.S., as well as on a non-U.S. basis in partnership with third-party advisors and managers operating in other countries, always with an eye toward matching investor preferences with real, live, investment options. FourPark does have its own pooled investment products, but we do not tie any of our services or work exclusively to investments in those funds. Instead, we are able to provide them as an option to clients but, ultimately, we believe quite strongly that we will all do better if the client’s preferences control, and we act as a destination for their capital only when their preferences are objectively being met.